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Sebastian from Conexxion Amazonas, located at Ayahuasca Hotel in Puerto Nariño did a great job with organizing the perfect individual itinerary for me. Before I got there I was a little sceptical, if he understands my wish of not getting the standard tourist tour. But I soon realized that he had just planned the perfect time for me. I spend one night in the middle of the primary forest, where we where guided to by an indigenous guide who grew up in the jungle. Despite the fact that we were surrounded by toxic spiders, snakes and frogs, I felt very safe, as the guide was very caring and knowledgeable.
On other days I did he to San Martín, watched dolphins and sloths. Went swimming, explored the area and just learned so much in these days.
Anyone who looks for individual tours should contact them, so make sure you have a great time!
I’m in no way related to this agency but just want to recommend it very much!
Cheers, Jakob (Germany)